This morning, early, we got the phone call we hoped we wouldn’t get. The kids were leaving their home because the flood waters were rising. They called as they were driving away from their house in northern district above Bangkok. The waters have had them surrounded for about a week but now the flood has started into their neighborhood.

As they were driving south, Heather phoned on Ryan’s cell phone (I’ve never really cared for cell phones until now) as they made their way south toward a place called Hua Hin.

We don’t really know much about what is happening but I assume that the car is loaded with grandchildren and as much stuff as they can carry, with Pedro (Heather’s dog). Going about 100 miles south will get them out of the flooding as they wait for the waters to recede.

Before they left they had already put as much as they could carry on the second floor of their house. Some of their household items were too heavy for them to lift so they moved it to the highest place they could to get them off the ground. A washer, a dryer, a refrigerator were just too heavy for Heather to help Ryan move so this will be probably flooded.

The decision to evacuate was made after trying to wait out the flood. Their neighborhood was one of the last areas in their district to flood. The water started over the walls in the back of the neighborhood and the decision was- move now or be stuck until they were either rescued and or the water receded. They were told that the water might recede over the next month. Their friends, in the neighbor had next to theirs, were already flooded and the water was waist deep.

In light of the flooding and what has happened to our kids, let’s ponder some thoughts about God’s timing. I have been thoroughly studying Titus 1:3: “…And at His appointed season He brought His Word to light…” All of God’s promises will come true but it’s on His timetable, not ours. Events on God’s calendar occur at designated times in history according to His perfect wisdom. The timing of Jesus’ birth, for example, is one of Paul’s favorite themes. Galatians 4:4: “But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under law.”

The word “appointed” refers to that which is one’s own private and unique possession. The purpose behind God’s timing is often known only to Him. The word “season” refers to a window of opportunity, or a fixed period of time. Acts 17:26 reminds us of God’s direct involvement in our lives: “…he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.”

Andrew Murray offers a helpful perspective on being patient about God’s timing: “Waiting in the sunshine of His love is what will ripen the soul for His blessing. Waiting under the cloud of trial that breaks in showers of blessing, is as needful. Be assured that if God waits longer than you would wish, it is only to make the blessing doubly precious

(“Waiting for God,” page 102).

Will you trust His timing today? I’m sure trying to….