It was an exciting and tiring week teaching at Yangon Grace Bible School. It was a great joy to have pastors and students learning about one of the greatest leaders in the Old Testament, Nehemiah.


I left for Myanmar early on Monday morning and flew for the next 24 hours. I had a short night because I had to be at the airport at 5:00 am the next morning in order to catch my next flight. The flight was delayed and I thought about that extra 2 hours I could have slept!


Finally, I got to Yangon and checked into my hotel room. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and we were off to the Bible School. I taught for several hours that afternoon. I was tired, and I was hoping that what I taught sounded like Nehemiah!


Ben Bounds, the director of Faith International Partners, had already taught the first 2 chapters and I taught the rest of the book. I taught with the aid of an interpreter for hours each day, and to be honest it was hard work. The exciting thing is that for many of the men, it was the first time they had ever been taught Nehemiah.


It was very humbling to meet these National pastors who traveled great distances to come to this training. Some travel days, in fact one pastor traveled 6 days. He walked two days, rode buses 2 days and traveled by boat for 2 days. Most of the men are ministering in the mountains to the Hill tribe people; usually they are from that tribe themselves. The people are used to walking great distances, because for many, the only way to get where they live is a foot path. Most of these men are poorly educated by our standards, in fact, some have difficulty reading.


One thing I was impressed with was their hunger for God’s Word. They asked great questions and you could tell they were really processing the information they had heard. Another real blessing was hearing them sing praises to God. They could really sing and it was loud. It sounded like a men’s choir, 50 voices strong! It gave me the glory bumps every time they sang. I wish we could sing with that passion at Metro! It really seemed they were singing for His glory and praises to His name.


I preached the commencement address on Saturday afternoon. It was a real honor to challenge these graduates to go back home and reach their tribal group with the gospel. I hope you will pray for them. Their country is ruled by a communist military government. They will hazard their life for the message they preach and the Lord they serve.