Recently, a friend of mine posed a question on social media. They asked, “How do you spend your quiet time with the Lord?” As I read the responses to this question, I was bothered. The responses included things like, when I run, in my car, in the shower, and while doing dishes. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using any of these times to talk to the Lord. However, these sorts of times should be secondary and not our primary means of connecting with God.
The danger in not making focused, uninterrupted time for our Lord is that it will lead to a shallow, immature faith. The fact is, we make time for those things that are important. If we believe that God should be honored and that He is worthy of praise, then we ought to reserve some quality time for Him. If we only give God what time is left over, or if we simply work Him in around our existing schedule, we are not showing Him the honor due His name.
With the New Year just around the corner, may I be so bold as to issue a challenge and give a suggestion all at the same time. The challenge is this: set aside some quality time each day to spend with our Lord. This means no phone, no T.V.,  and no split focus with other activities that need to be done. Just quality time for you and God.
The suggestion is this: find a good Bible reading plan to follow and purchase a journal. Bible reading plans abound. You can find them online, within Bible apps, or even find Bibles to purchase that are split up into daily readings. Find a plan that is manageable for you. It takes 15to 20 minutes a day to read the entire Bible in one year. Whether it’s the entire bible or a paragraph, have a plan to spend consistent time in the word of God on a daily basis.
You can purchase a good journal for about $7. You can keep prayer lists, thoughts, and even journal your entire prayer if you would like. This will help you to stay focused, creates a record of what has been prayed for, and allows you to go back and celebrate answered prayers. A journal will also allow you to jot down what God is speaking to your heart so you do not forget it.
If you will make a 20-30 minute a day commitment to time with the Lord in this upcoming year, you will grow in your walk with Him like never before. This is one investment that you can be sure will pay off. I promise that you will not feel that it is a failed venture. If you have not set aside time for God in the past, make 2017 the year.